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for Monday, June 5

Make your own PERSONAL opinions count on...

For each question, select the answer that
best matches your own PERSONAL choice.

Try to answer EVERY question -- even if some
are so tough you have to toss a mental coin.

All the answers are
so don't hesitate to tell the truth.

The results of today's survey, including YOUR OWN
answers, will become tomorrow's game of...
Majority Says !!!


For the entire remainder of this pandemic, would you rather wear a T-shirt that says...
"If you can read this, you're not social distancing"
"Kiss me, I have Coronavirus antibodies"

Would YOU rather shop at the...
World's Largest Mall
World's Largest Thrift Store


Which book of 'insider secrets' would YOU rather read...
'How To Avoid Being Spied On -- Your Total Privacy Guaranteed!'
'How To Spy On Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime!'

Your ship went down. There's only room for one more in your lifeboat. Which of your fellow passengers will you save...
Barack Obama
Tom Cruise

On a typical day, do you...
Eat breakfast (even if it's just a handful of stale popcorn washed down with a gulp of Coca-Cola)
Skip breakfast and wait for lunch

Has your life so far been more of a...

Have you ever had a wart? (This should be easy for any frogs playing Majority Says!!!)

The Olympics...
The pinnacle of sportsmanship, brotherhood, and cooperative competition
A stupid waste of money, and REALLY DULL television

Your good buddy, the Sultan of Brunei, will give you your weight in gold on your next birthday. Between now and then, are you going to...
Fatten up as much as you can
Eat normally

Now, to make your votes count...